About Us

We are a SaaS-based company located in the Queen City of Cebu,Philippines. We want to solve the inefficiency of the Philippine Postal System. Our mission is to help people in the e-Commerce,Logistics and all Location-dependent businesses in solving their customer location problems. We do this by developing a unique technology that enables them to identify the address of their customers by just using simple "digital address" --called GeoPik.


How we got started

In our effort to start a last-mile delivery service(Pik-Ap) in Cebu City,Philippines we were able to come up with a unique technology that will not only help our delivery system but as well as enable other industries to leverage on the location-based data that we forsee that we can generate.

With this in mind, and some advice from ventures like Tri5 and KK Fund,we pivoted even before lauching our initial idea - Pik-Ap, and solely focus on delivering this enabling technology. This lead us into GeoPik since then.

Meet the team





John is an Entrepreneur as well as a Business and Product development expert with specialization in e-Commerce and Marketplaces. *Angel Investor – Shoplocal.ph *Co-founder – BisdakEntreps SG




Rodessa works in IT for more than 10 years in the field of R&D focusing on Software and Firmware Testing. Financial Literacy Advocate Deep Knowledge of Stocks Trading




Ivan works in IT for more than 10 years in the field of R&D, iOT and financials focusing on iOS mobile app development for more than 7 yrs. IoT Expert iOS Development expert




Niño has more than 10 years of experience in Software Engineering in various domain, ex-IBM Engineer. Got Masters of Knowledge Engineering at NUS. Co-founder -Jaga-me, Co-founder –BisdakEntreps SG, Founder -HandyNanay * Lead Data Engineer at nanu.

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